Tuesday, 25 October 2011

parents are coming!

Just a couple of hours and Ma and Pa are arriving. Dread is setting in. Not looking forward to their constant berating of each other, their constant arguing, and their numerous attempts at making me take sides. And here I am using the word "constant" despite having been asked not to by Mr T. In fact, I have to keep a record on when they are NOT arguing, or berating each other. I think I will also keep a record of how often they have a dig at me. Probably get a bollockingby therapist for doing this as it is negative, but I need him to realise just how often they give me "looks" when I eat something they think I shouln't be having, how often they "hint" at what a crap housekeeper I am (in their eyes) and tell me what I shouldn't have done! Wonder how long it will take them to say something about my having allowed my daughter to have pierced. so I will bring 2 lists to Mr T: list he asked me for of times when they are civil to each other and list he hasn't asked for of time they slag me off. Wish I could be overjoyed at seeing my parents but I just can't be, and I feel so sad about it because I have friends who no longer have either parent and would give anything to have them back, so I can't help feeling incredibly selfish for not being grateful that they are still around. I do love them to bits but can't help the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I know they are coming.

At least it is holiday time for children so I will enjoy the company of my 2 amazing children. Looking forward to playing games with them and cooking and just been plain silly.

Wondering if I should share the blog link with "SANE" which seems like an amazing charity. I need to find out more about it, and without therapy session this week I might, should the need arise, pluck up the courage and call them if I get too down.

Off to play with kiddies me thinketh.

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