Tuesday, 15 November 2011

the sun has risen, finally!

After a nightmare therapy session last week, followed by 4 day of doom, today is a new dawn, and I thought I should list all the little things that make me smile, make me happy, in the hope that reminding myself of these things will keep the sun shining bright for days to come.

List of small things which make me a happy gal: my children's laughter when they are playing together, watching my children asleep and looking peaceful and content, the beautiful paintings on the wall of my lounge, the colour of autumn leaves, the smell of bread baking in the oven, the pleasure of eating home-made slightly sharp jam, the pleasure of reading in bed next to the man I love, the smell of cut grass.....

And today I shall try and be more aware of other daily occurrences which bring a smile to my face. I will have a mindful lunch with no distractions, I will go to zumba or aerobics, or maybe even both.

Dark days only make you appreciate the daylight even more. When the sun eclipses the rain it makes the pleasure of seeing light even more.

Think brain is engaged enough for a bit of brainy reading today. Need to get those neurones working a bit more this year.

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